Project diagnosis:

  1. Although the first caisson in the game is an important cue of the game, right now the way it is presented is still too arbitrary. I should make it as an element in the Startup menu.
  2. Gaps
    1. Visible gap on the fake wall inside the bunker.
    2. Spatial gap between the server pathway to the Caisson Chamber.
    3. Spatial gap on the ground level of the bunker (above the bunker interior), there’s a gap that sometimes the player could accidentally get through to the Caisson Chamber directly, if they’re using the teleport navigation
    4. When using teleport, player could accidentally go through walls in the Doomsday Meeting Room.
    5. The left and right ends of the tunnel. I should do something with it.
  3. Navigation
    1. VRTK_controllerTouchPadWalking
  4. Audio
    1. Perhaps an ambient sound with doppler effect when player moves through the space?

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