A downloadable Bunker for Windows

Bunker is a project realized in virtual reality. Through the simulation of sceneries from fiction and reality, it offers an opportunity to examine the willful re-enactment of history in which we find ourselves. This is history experienced, the first time, as tragedy, and the second time, as farce.

The five areas within the virtual reality compose an intersected loop. The viewer-player can start from any point in this process and find their way through the entire infrastructure.

The artist considers this work as a game project. At the same time, he seeks to distinguish the project from the score-keeping mechanism typical of games. Instead of being motivated by an external value, Bunker aspires to intrigue the viewer-player, to elicit their curiosity to explore.

Install instructions

This version of Bunker is made for HTC Vive. 

Recommended environment:

OS: Windows 10

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or higher equivalent.

Storage Space: 800 MB


Bunker_VR_1.1.zip 194 MB

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